How to Become a Member and Pay Dues

Anyone interested in any aspect of the study of copepods is eligible for membership in the World Association of Copepodologists (WAC). Applicants wishing to become new members need to fill out the application form and send it to the General Secretary via regular mail/email, and pay the annual dues two years in advance. The Executive Council will be notified for approval. You can download the application form here:

Application for Membership
Adobe Acrobat Document 968.0 KB

Mail/email your completed application to the General Secretary:                     
Leocadio Blanco Bercial
Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences – Arizona State University
17 Biological Station
St. George’s GE01
Phone: +1 441 297 1880 ext 116 | E-mail:
To pay the annual dues please use our PayPal online payment system (click on the WAC dues button on the right column). You can pay via credit card, debit card or your own PayPal account.

Or you can send a check in US $ to the Treasurer:
T. Chad Walter
Treasurer, WAC
Smithsonian Institution, Museum Support Center
4210 Silver Hill Road, MRC 534
Suitland, MD 20746

Annual dues* are as follows:
    1 - Members US$45.00 for 1 year;
           US$85.00 for 2 years; US$120.00 for 3 years
    2 - Students US$20.00 for 1 year;
            US$35.00 for 2 years; US$50.00 for 3 years
    3 - Researchers from less economically
           developed countries** US $20.00 per year
    4 - Sponsors US$200.00 [or more]
    5 - Life time members US$1,000.00 [or more]
           - one time payment


*WAC is recognized by the IRS as a 501.c3 non-profit organization in the U.S.A.

**Please contact the General Secretary to see if you qualify.

Note: If a member cannot afford the $20.00 dues payment, they may request a waiver from the Executive Council (Article 11 of the By-Laws). Please contact the General Secretary to request a waiver.

Why pay dues?

It is important that members of the WAC pay their annual dues. These dues are used for funding the activities of the Association. The roles of the Executive Council are all volunteer, nevertheless, there are activities that require money. These activities include: providing seed funding for the tri-annual conference, assistance with conference fees for members in need, providing student travel, and funding special projects. Dues are payable by all members. A new scale of dues was set by the Executive Council in July 2023 (previous changes March 2009).