WAC Meetings

Every three years the WAC holds an international conference on copepods, and these have become the most important global gatherings for all students of copepods. Each conference gives you the chance to meet fellow researchers, to talk with students and with experts, to borrow material and to plan collaborations. Each meeting is unique, bursting with the individuality and culture of the host nation. It is such good fun to get to know your fellow copepod specialists and to find such enthusiasts to talk to. The best memories are associated with meeting the real people, and the personal contacts made at conferences will be of lasting value.

The 14th ICOC will be will be in Skukuza, Kruger National Park, South Africa from 12-18 June 2022.  For more information on the 14th ICOC, visit the website.

If you were previously registered for the 14th ICOC that was postponed, you need to re-register. The funds already paid will be transferred to the new registration and you will be able to see the outstanding balance on the invoice.


Please note that all attendees should re-register on the registration site:

Do not try to log in at the upper right corner. Scroll down. Click on ICOC 2022 and provide your email address. Continue with registration. Make sure to finish on page 4. ALL PAYMENTS already received will be transferred as credits to the 2022 conference.

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The series of International Conferences on Copepoda

    First: Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 1981.
    Local Secretary — Prof Jan H. Stock.
    Proceedings — Crustaceana, Supplement
    7: 1-435 (1984).

    Second: Ottawa, Canada, 1984.
    Local Secretary — Dr Chang-tai Shih.
    Proceedings — Syllogeus, 58: 1-662 (1986).


    Third: London, U.K., 1987.
    Local Secretary — Dr Geoff Boxshall.
    Proceedings — Hydrobiologia,
    167/168: 1-639 (1988).

    Fourth: Karuizawa, Japan, 1990.
    Local Secretary — Dr Shin-ichi Uye.
    Proceedings — Bulletin of the Plankton Society
    of Japan, Special Volume, 1-645 (1991).

    Fifth: Baltimore, U.S.A., 1993.
    Local Secretary — Dr Brian Bradley.
    Proceedings — Hydrobiologia,
    292/293: 1-530 (1994).

    Sixth: Oldenburg, Germany, 1996.
    Local Secretary — Prof Kurt Schminke.
    Proceedings — Journal of Marine Systems,
    15: 1-549 (1998).

    Seventh: Curitiba, Brazil, 1999.
    Local Secretary — Dr Rubens Lopes.
    Proceedings — Hydrobiologia,
   453/454: 1-576 (2001).

    Eighth: Keelung, Taiwan, 2002.
    Local Secretary — Dr Jiang-Shiou Hwang.
    Proceedings — Zoological Studies,
   43: 165-512 (2005).

    Ninth: Hammamet, Tunisia, 2005.
    Local Secretaries — Dr M. Néjib Daly Yahia and
    Dr Sami Soussi. Proceedings — Journal of

    Plankton Research, 29 (Suppl. 1): 1-162 (2007)

    and Hydrobiologia, 617 (in part): 1-63 (2009).

    Tenth: Pattaya, Thailand, 2008.
    Local Secretary — Dr La-orsri Sanoamuang.
    Proceedings — Hydrobiologia,
    666: 1-338 (2011).


    Eleventh: Merida, Mexico, 2011.
    Local Secretary — Dr Eduardo Suarez-Morales.
    Proceedings — Journal of Natural History,

    47: 263-910 (2013).


    Twelfth: Seoul, Korea, 2014.
    Local Secretary — Dr Wonchoel Lee.
    Proceedings — Journal of Natural History,

    49: 2709-2982 (2015).

    Thirteenth: Los Angeles, U.S.A., 2017.
    Local Secretary — Dr Julianne Kalman

    Passarelli. Proceedings — Bulletin of the

    Southern California Academy of Sciences,

    117(2): 91-156 (2018).