Copepod Resources

This page provides links to information about the biology, ecology and systematics of copepods. It is a resource that scientists, students, teachers, and the general public, can use to find out more about this ubiquitous group of crustaceans.

You are invited to contribute to this section by submitting texts and illustrations on your own work, or any interesting material about copepods. Please contact the WAC WEBMASTER Julianne Kalman Passarelli.


The Virtual Copepod Library (VCL) is housed within the World of Copepods on the WoRMS website. We now have over 42,000 copepod reprint PDFs attached to bibliographic records and stored in the library. This was accomplished with the help of many WAC members. Special thanks to Janet Reid and the Monoculus Copepod Librarian, Jeannette Schöndube. The Wilson Copepod Library has now been scanned and preserved and we are slowly adding material from the Monoculus Library to complete the VCL.
We encourage all WAC members to continue to send their new publications and missing older publications to WAC Treasurer Chad Walter at

Photos of copepods


If you would like to contribute photos to the WAC webpage, please send them to the WAC WEBMASTER Julianne Kalman Passarelli.


Please label the photos (jpg or png files only) in the following format:
For adult copepods: Family_Genus.species.sex_PhotographerFirstNameLastName
For unidentified larval copepods: Family_stage_PhotographerFirstNameLastName

Example: Pennellidae_Phrixocephalus.cincinnatus.female_JuliannePassarelli
Example: Caligidae_chalimus_JuliannePassarelli

By sending us your photos, you are agreeing they can be used with proper credit. Please cite and give author credit when using any of these photos.

The Art of being a Copepod

A cartoonist's view of copepods.

Artwork by Mark Pottek