Triennial Reports


President's report 2008-2011 to the World Association of Copepodologists

It gives me great pleasure to report on the activities of the President and the Executive Council. In this three year period there has been quite a bit of change since both the Webmaster and Treasurer stepped down after substantial periods of service.

Therefore, the major activities of the WAC for the term 2008-2011 were:

  • 1) Transfer of duties to a new Web Master and preparation of the new web site
  • 2) Transfer of duties to the new Treasurer
  • 3) Publication of the WAC newsletter (Monoculus)
  • 4) Support for the local organizing committee, Mexico, for the 11th ICOC

We owe a debt of gratitude to Rubens Lopes for single-handedly starting the Association's web site in 2002 up to 2008. Rubens suggested we ask Pedro Martinez Arbizu to continue the work and luckily Pedro (assisted by Viola Siegler) agreed on the condition that we installed a content management system. A lot of work has gone into creating the new site and checking content. The latter job is not yet finished. Pedro wishes WAC to organise a system of task sharing where he and his team will perform only the technical tasks and the Executive Committee and others will take on responsibilities as web editors who prepare content and make simple edits to the web pages. Organisation of this proposal will occur at 11thICOC in Merida.

We acknowledge the work of John Fornshell as Treasurer 1996-2008. Luckily, Chad Walter stepped into the breach and grasped the opportunity to bring the Association into the 21st century by interacting with the new Webmaster to enable members to make online payment of dues and donations. The WAC membership database, originally created by Rubens Lopes assisted by Kurt Schminke (the original Monoculus database), Eduardo Suarez-Morales and John Fornshell, has been made easier to access by the General secretary and Treasurer for updating on the web. The Association's accounts are now in a much healthier state. We are very grateful to Chad for his tireless work for WAC and thanks are also due to our two auditors Grace Wyngaard and Susan Dippenaar. I would like to acknowledge those members who have very generously made large personal donations to Association Funds, especially in support students and others to attend this meeting.

The Monoculus Copepod Newsletter continued to appear twice yearly, in about May-June and November-December, edited by Janet Reid. Janet has indicated her wish to stand down as editor at this year's conference after nine years of service. Janet has worked with the president and others to find a new editor. Here, we welcome Adelaide Rhodes to this role and hope that a number of people will step up to feed news to her from the regions. We are very grateful to Janet for her years of tireless service and wise council.

Finally, I wish to announce that the Association has agreed to prepare a chapter for the UNESCO Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems. Chapter leaders are almost all identified but I hope that many of you will contribute your expertise, when asked, or volunteer to be a reviewer of the draft near-final product. Any money we earn from this exercise will go to Association funds.

I move a special vote of thanks to Pedro Martinez, Chad Walter, Janet Reid, Eduardo Suarez as local organiser and all Executive Committee members for their efforts over these three years.

Janet Bradford-Grieve

Editor report

Monoculus editor’s report 2008-2011 to the World Association of Copepodologists

The Monoculus Copepod Newsletter continues to appear twice yearly, in about May-June and November-December. The literature supplements, composed together with Chad Walter, appear at irregular intervals and number 4 or 5 per year, about 32 pages each. The outgoing Editor Jan Reid is grateful to the entire community for the support and input provided during the nine years of her term. We welcome the new Editor, Adelaide Rhodes, and wish her well in continuing to provide the newsletter "of record" for the world community of copepodologists.

Numbers of Monoculus published: Newsletter No. 56, 57, 58, 59, 60, 61; Supplements 55B, 56, 56A, 57, 57A, 58, 58A, 59, 59A, 59B, 60.

Treasure report

Finance Report 2008-2011

by the Treasurer,  T. Chad Walter

The World Association of Copepodologists (WAC) account balances (in US $).  I assumed the Treasurer position on January 2009, at which time I established the new checking and saving accounts, and a new PayPal online membership dues payment system.  The establishment of the PayPal system allows members to pay dues quickly, safely and easily.  Prior to this, dues were paid on a triennial basis from those members that attended the conferences.  Using the PayPal system reduces the amount of cash that has to be collected, managed and carried back to the US bank accounts.

A new scale of dues was set by the Executive Committee in March 2009.

  • 1 - US$20.00 * Students & Researchers from less economically developed countries
  • 2 - US $35.00  ** Standard Members
  • 3 - US $200.00 [or more] ** yearly Sponsors
  • 4 - US $1,000.00 [or more] – one-time payment  (or annually if you want to) ** Life time members  


*if a current member or potential member cannot afford the $20.00 dues payment, he/she may request a waiver from the Executive Council (Art. 11 of the By-laws).  Please inform the General Secretary at the time becoming a new member or contact him now to request a waiver for dues for 2 years ** In the USA, WAC is a recognized by the IRS as a 501.c3 non-profit organization, so all who have to pay taxes in the USA can legally deduct any contribution to the WAC, if you itemize.  Anyone doing estate planning is encouraged to consider WAC as a recipient of their generosity.


Why pay dues?  It is important that members of the WAC pay their annual dues. These dues are used for funding the activities of the Association.   The roles of the Executive Committee, Treasurer, Auditors, Webmaster, Editor of “Monoculus” etc. are undertaken voluntarily.  Nevertheless, there are activities that require money. These activities include: providing seed funding for the triennial conference, waiving conference fees, providing student travel, funding special projects and cash award for best student presentation at a conference.   Finally, there are several people that put in long hours to put together the biannual Monoculus Newsletter and the supplemental bibliographic information.  This newsletter is placed on the website for members to read and use the valuable information in it.  Please show your appreciation for their hard work by paying dues. Previously, dues collection was a difficult task that occurred during the triennial meetings.  With the encouragement of the council and the working with Pedro Martinez Arbizu we set up an online PayPal account so that members can now pay their dues directly to the Association via the web.  This will hopefully encourage all members and potential members to keep their membership current.  We would encourage members to pay dues for multiple years when you pay.  As Treasurer I will keep track of all dues that are paid to the WAC and will send out dues reminders the beginning of each year to the membership.  The WAC website has undergone some updating.  On the WAC membership page you will now see the PayPal link to pay dues via credit/debit cards or your own PayPal account. Go to


To date, WAC has provided $15,940 to the organizing committee in preparation for the 11th Conference on Copepods in Merida, Mexico this July 2011. One particular member provided $7,000 directly for use of the conference organizers.   For 2011, dues were paid by 108 out of the 508 copepod researchers currently in our membership database.

We have 5 lifetime members, Janet Reid, Ju-shey Ho, Shin-ichi Uye, Jiang-shiou Hwang, Pedro Martínez Arbizu and T. Chad Walter. 

Below is the table presented in Monoculus # 57, and herein updated.  It is based on the WAC copepod researcher database, and was based on countries having 10 or more copepod researchers as of March 2009. As of 2011 we have 507 names of copepod researchers in our database, whereas there were 761 researcher names for the 2009 column.


  • 2009   
  • 2011
  • USA
  • 10
  • 10
  • 10
  • 11
  • 12
  • 13
  • 14
  • 14
  • 17
  • 17
  • 18
  • 18
  • 19
  • 21
  • 26
  • 32
  • 34
  • 35
  • 39
  • 51
  • 70
  • 134
  • 6
  • 5
  • 8
  • 6
  • 9
  • 5
  • 13
  • 7
  • 5
  • 13
  • 18
  • 16
  • 12
  • 14
  • 8
  • 18
  • 22
  • 22
  • 29
  • 33
  • 55
  • 90















Local Secretary report

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