Job Descriptions


Duties (2011):

1.    Ensure that appointments are made for the positions of Monoculus editor, Webmaster, and Local Secretary for the next International Conference on Copepoda (ICOC); ensure that the 'Officers' pages of the web site are updated.

2.    Support Monoculus editor, Webmaster, and Local Secretary for the next International Conference on Copepoda in their roles.

3.    Support Treasurer and General Secretary in their roles.

4.    Coordinate with Treasurer and Executive Council concerning the provision of seed funding for the triennial ICOC. In 2011, a seeding grant of $2000 was made initially. A further $3000 grant was made by WAC to cover student support. Additional amounts were made available by individual WAC members to support specific people and for prizes for best student papers and posters.

5.    Prepare a ‘President’s Column’ for each issue of Monoculus.

6.    Prepare the agenda for the three-yearly business meeting.  

8.    Ensure a slate of nominations for the next Executive Council is prepared 2 months before the busniess meeting.

7.    Prepare the president’s report for the business meeting.

8.    Ensure that the minutes for the business meeting are prepared.

9.    Present the Maxilliped Lecture.

10.  Encourage job descriptions for key positions to be stored on the WAC web site.

11.  Generally work to ensure that WAC is a viable entity that ‘promotes and supports interest in all aspects of research on Copepoda’.


1.    Prepare Annual Report by March of following year, submit report to be included in subsequent Monoculus

2.    File IRS form by May 15 following year

3.    Send $ to conference host for tri-annual conference. 2011 we sent $2,000 as seed money to start the process and then $3,000 for student support.

4.    At end of fiscal year, send out dues reminders to membership, follow- up reminders in Jan and Feb.

5.    Maintain bank accounts, and PayPal account and transfer funds as needed.

6.    Submit articles to Monoculus

7.    Attend or make arrangements for dues to be collected at tri-annual conference and prepare a statement of income and expenses after conference to print in Monoculus.

8.    Prepare Treasurer’s report for tri-annual conference.

9.    Send out group emails to membership

10.  Maintain the dues tracking system and updating membership info on WAC website.

General Secretary

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Local Secretary

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