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Welcome to the website of the World Association of Copepodologists !

Copepods are among the most abundant metazoans on Earth and can be found almost everywhere there is water - from high-altitude lakes in mountain ranges, down to the depths of the ocean trenches. Copepods dominate the zooplankton, they are super-abundant in sediments, and they are parasitic on virtually every phylum of animals from sponges to chordates (including reptiles and mammals).

This website will help you find out more about this fascinating group of crustaceans.

The World Association of Copepodologists (WAC) is a nonprofit international organization whose purpose is to promote research on Copepoda by facilitating communication among interested specialists.

Join today ! The business of the WAC is conducted primarily at a triennial business meeting held during each International Conference on Copepoda (ICOC). Since 1987, the ICOC has been held at venues in Asia, Africa, North and South America, and Europe. The most recent (12th) ICOC was held in Seoul, Korea in July 2014. This conference was organized by Wonchoel Lee (Hanyang University) at

The 14th ICOC will be held in South Africa in 2020! More information and announcements on the 14th ICOC will be posted in due time.

Continuity and communication between conferences was previously provided only through the newsletter Monoculus. WAC is now using both Monoculus and our website to facilitate communication among copepodologists worldwide. We welcome your suggestions for improvements and additional features!

13th International Congress of Invertebrate Reproduction and Development

July 14-19, 2013 Detroit, Michigan Abstract Deadline February 15, 2013[more]

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Biogeography of Deep-Sea Paramesochridae

Many unknown deep-sea species are waiting to be discovered. [more]

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Meet the Student Winners from the 11th ICOC

These outstanding young investigators distinguished themselves in the poster and oral presentation categories at the 2011 ICOC.[more]

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Welcome to the Monoculus Blog

Check here for news related to the World Association of Copepodologists[more]

By:Adelaide Rhodes
Category: Monoculus Blog

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