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Media Title Observing copepods through a genomic lens
Media Description Abstract Background: Copepods outnumber every other multicellular animal group. They are critical components of the world’s freshwater and marine ecosystems, sensitive indicators of local and global climate change, key ecosystem service providers, parasites and predators of economically important aquatic animals and potential vectors of waterborne disease. Copepods sustain the world fisheries that nourish and support human populations. Although genomic tools have transformed many areas of biological and biomedical research, their power to elucidate aspects of the biology, behavior and ecology of copepods has only recently begun to be exploited.
Media Author James E Bron, Dagmar Frisch, Erica Goetze, Stewart C Johnson, Carol Eunmi Lee and Grace A Wyngaard
Media File Bron_Wyngaard_FIZ_2011_Genomics_copepods.pdf
Upload Date 2011-11-11