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23.04.2012 18:14 Age: 8 yrs
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13th International Congress of Invertebrate Reproduction and Development

July 14-19, 2013 Detroit, Michigan Abstract Deadline February 15, 2013

There will be a special symposium on crustacean development, regeneration and reproduction at this meeting, chaired by Chris Tudge, Amir Sagi & Penny Hopkins.  This symposium will happen in Detroit, Michigan, July 14-19, 2013

  • Central nervous system development,
  • Crustacean and insect reproduction;
  • Molluscan reproduction,
  • Impacts of climate change on invertebrate reproduction and development,
  • Evolution of animal body plans,
  • Epigenetic mechanisms, gamete and larval biology,
  • Mechanisms of sex determination and regulation of sex chromosomes
  • Esthetic, educational, and agricultural values of invertebrates
  • Reproduction and development of invasive and nuisance invertebrates
  • Invertebrate reproduction and human health
  • High throughput technologies for understanding invertebrate development
  • Stem cells in invertebrate model systems

Detroit and Wayne State University will host the Thirteenth Congress on Invertebrate Reproduction and Development Biology and Stem Cell Research encompassing all aspects, numerous phyla, and a range of technical approaches to understanding and applying knowledge of invertebrate reproduction and development.

The scientific program includes plenary sessions and keynote addresses on Systems Biology and Stem Cell Research, High-Throughput Technologies and Bioinformatic Approaches to Understanding Reproduction and Development, Stem Cells in Invertebrate Model Systems, and Invertebrate Reproduction and Human Health.

Symposia on central nervous system development, arthropod reproduction, impacts of climate change and invertebrate invasive species, evolution of animal body plans, epigenetic mechanisms, gamete and larval biology, and esthetic and agricultural values of invertebrates are planned.


This support comes in the form of financial assistance towards registration and accommodation (not travel). In the past the society has been able to cover the full costs of accommodation (in student accommodation) and registration. To remind you, financial assistance is competitive and applications are screened by an internationalcommittee.

In order to qualify for screening the applicants should be:-1. Presenting at the meeting (either poster paper or spoken).2. Be a registered student or postdoctoral researcher.3. Be a member of the ISIRD or joining the ISIRD.

Details of how to apply for funding will be announced closer to the conference. However, decisions to fund applicants are based on the quality of the work to be presented (as judged by a submitted abstract), and financial need (as motivated for by applicant). In addition, preference may be given to applicants from developing nations.ICIRD.

More information and details can be found at: