Sadly, our colleague, John Wells, passed away on November, 2018.

Professor John Wells, who has died aged 83, was a research scientist, teacher, Professor of Zoology, Dean of Science at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, family man and community leader. He was a man of[more]

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Sadly, our colleague, Frank Fiers, passed away on May, 2018.

We are losing a friend and an internationally recognized scientist in the fields of taxonomy, phylogeny and ecology of the Copepoda.

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Sadly, our colleague, Nancy Alison Rayner, passed away on December 12, 2017.

Nancy Rayner passed away unexpectedly in Kloof on 12 December 2017, barely two months short of her 91st birthday, following complications after a fall.[more]

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Sadly, our Ukranian copepodologist colleague, Prof. Dr. Vladyslav Monchenko, passed away on February 8, 2016.

He was 84 years old. An obituary containing an account of his many contributions to our discipline and aspects of his interesting personal profile is expected to be published soon in Crustaceana.

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Announcement - 3rd International Workshop on Symbiotic Copepoda

Dear colleagues, On behalf of the organising committee it is my pleasure to announce an OPEN CALL for registration for the 3rdInternational Workshop on Symbiotic Copepoda. Places are limited and we now have only[more]

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Parasitic protists on copepods - Marine Protists Diversity and Dynamics

Springer will publish the book entitled "Marine Protists". The publisher will give us a discount sale for a limited time. The book contains a chapter about parasitic protists on copepods. [more]

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2015 Edward & Phyllis Reed Fellowship

The Edward & Phyllis Reed Fellowship for Copepod Research has been awarded to Nancy Fabiola Mercado-Salas in the amount of $9864.00[more]

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